Knife Galleries

I suppose this is the place to discuss why I started making knives. I am a class A hunting guide in Alberta and, as such, have done a lot of skinning and caping of game animals. About three years ago, I was skinning out a passable whitetail buck and was making derogatory remarks about my skinning knife which was supposed to be of good quality. One of my clients, I'll call him RBJ, pulled several knives out of his pack for me to try. Some were production and some were custom. The knives were beautiful but more importantly, his enthusiasm for knives was infectious. A couple months later I went to Target Knives in Calgary in search of the custom knife of my dreams. Instead, I bought a book and started on my first knife. Months later, I took my first finished knife back to target knives to show off. (It's the one below on the left with the rosewood coloured handle.) The guy at Target just trashed me! "Grind lines are off." "Balance is too far back." "Finish is rough." I was crushed, but he did me a favour. I worked at getting better with each knife and still do. By the way, that first knife goes hunting with me every year.

These are the first five that I made. Variations on the middle one are still very popular.

These are some of my more current pieces.

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