This page is for those who supply materials to knifemakers and owners. Items such as steel, wood, bone, antler, ivory, hardware, finishes - whatever!

Brian Lyttle Knives
Calgary, Alberta (south of)
maker / courses / heat treat...
Phone: (403)-558-3638

Fletch's Fetchings
40851 Major Line

St. Thomas , Ontario,
N5P 3T2
Iimporting AAA grade burl (Pradoo Burls), which are the classic, darker, genuine AMBOYNA Burls (Pterocarpus Indicus),Makhaa Burls,(Afzelia Xylocarpa) and sometimes, very rare Khampee Burls (Dalbergia Culcrata)direct from the jungle processing facility. Select other exotics for the craftsman. All orders,(big or small) more than welcome.
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