This resource could be useful to anyone in the world but it was set up for those Canadians who are sick of Canadian Customs, Not-So-Free Trade, exchange rates, international shipping restrictions, GST collection fees and the feeling of isolation that comes with the enormity of the web.

If you are a Canadian knife related resource or if you know of a Canadian knife related resource just drop me an email and I'll fit it in ASAP. Keep it brief. Name, URL, email, City, Province / Territory, phone if you want and maybe a one line description. Let me know which categories you think apply. Listings are alphabetical. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Please take a moment to let me know about broken links.

Clubs, associations, organizations, guilds

Instruction / Education, courses, videos, information

Makers, custom knives, repairs

Materials, handle, steel, pins, hardware

Miscellaneous, stuff!

Peripherals, sheath, heat treat, engraving, scrimshaw

Retailers, knife stores

Tools, Grinders, belts, files, lasers and other toys