This page is for those who make or repair knives of any sort. Whether you just started work on your first kit knife - or you are one of the great masters - or like most of us, somewhere in between - all welcome.

Flat Land Knife Works
Robert Dockrell
Medicine Hat Alberta
Custom Knives - Your Design or Mine

Eric Elson
Custom Knifemaker
(519) 453-4482

Brian Lyttle Knives
Calgary, Alberta (south of)
maker / courses / heat treat...
Phone: (403)-558-3638

Joe Seifert
704 Ogilvie St.
Whitehorse Y.T. Y1A 2T1
Phone# (867)633-3133
e-mail : Joe Seifert

Ranger Original Handcrafted Knives
Rob Ridley
Cremona, Alberta (Near Calgary)
Phone (403) 637-0047