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Park Ranger / Special Constable / Community Peace Office

I spent fourteen years as a Park Ranger in the mountains of Alberta's Kananaskis Country and Fish Creek Provincial Park and now have found a new community to serve; Mountain View County Alberta, as a County Patrol Officer.

Biographical Information

Born in England of Canadian parents, I could fairly be described as an Air force brat. I was raised in Ontario, Canada, and worked for companies such as IBM and XEROX before returning to school for a Bachelors Degree in Biological Science.

My wife, Marilyn, and I count 16 kids between us and 24 grandchildren, though that too could change by the time I upload this page. Like their Dad (and Grandpa) they all have had their ups and downs and you can't imagine how proud I am of each of them.

Marilyn is the love of my life, not to mention a blossoming knife maker - The world is good, life is a gift and these are the good old days.

Personal Interests

I enjoy riding in the mountains, anything in the outdoors, travel, meeting new people, fishing, hunting and I can tolerate computers because they seem to so often satisfy my need for problem solving challenges. It is my custom to try something new every chance I get.

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