This one has been used a lot, for skinning several deer, two moose, cutting boxes and trimming shrubs. It has served me better than any production knife I have ever owned. Not bad for a first attempt. It was made almost entirely with hand tools - hacksaw, files, mountains of sandpaper. Only the holes for the handle pins were done with an electric drill. While the results were satisfactory, it took almost 100 hours of work to complete.. Lessons learned - oh yes. Too many to get into here.


The blade is made from 5/32" ATS 34 stainless steel bar stock, heat treated to Rockwell 60. It's a tad hard to sharpen but it holds its edge forever (almost). The blade contour is convex in cross section. Some like convex blades for their strength. I now prefer a flat grind.

Scales (handle) are of Dymondwood. This stabilized laminate is strong, attractive and easy to work with.. Having said that, I managed to split it trying to fit a 1/4" pin into a 1/4" hole. (It doesn't work - a little clearance is required)

The handle pins are Cutlers Brass rod stock ..

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