This is Dorie Ridley. To me, she's Mom but to you she's Ranger Original's quality control and torture test department. Together with my brother Steve, she runs a salmon charter fishing business on the Great Lakes. The knives she gets her hands on get used in the kitchen, on the boat, in the yard, shore lunches, electrical tasks and light splitting of kindling for the fire place.


This knife was designed as a hard use knife to fit well into any role required of it. My brother has had it on a week long back country canoe trip where it served well in unexpected capacities. Mom uses it daily and on the boat. I expected to learn some weaknesses from the hard use but so far all we've learned is that it is one tough serviceable knife.

The blade is made from 5/32" ATS 34 stainless steel bar stock, heat treated to Rockwell 60. It's a tad hard to sharpen but it holds its edge forever (almost). Scales (handle) are of Black Linen Micarta. This stuff is reasonably attractive and resistant to anything short of a thermonuclear event. The double choil (finger groove) allows the user to choke up for fine or precise work, or to hold further back for weight forward chopping power.


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